Meet the Simplifiers of Paving

Our team is available seven days a week, 8am - 8pm to help you with anything you need. Ask us questions big or small, get some help on the smallest to the biggest projects, our friendly and expert team welcome the opportunity to simplify everything for you.

Get to know the team and how they simplify paving in their own words...

Phillip Marshall - MD and Founder

"I established Simply Paving in 2005, with over 40 years of experience in the paving market, having been a Former Chief Executive of Marshall's PLC and director of Bradstone's digital platform. I'm incredibly proud of my staff and their knowledgeable and helpful approach to everything. That's what makes us stand out as the simplifers of paving."

Lesley Bates - Operations Director

"I'm proud to have been with Simply Paving since the beginning. Previously, I worked for Stoneflair so you can depend on me to really know my stuff. My focus remains on streamlining our internal operations to ensure that the journey for our customers is a positive experience whilst striving for continuous improvement."

Richard Partington

"I simplify product choice on our website. I'm dedicated to knowing every product and their technical attributes like the back of my hand and keeping all this information up to date on our website."

Emma Greenwood

"My key focus is on the delivery of large orders. I work closely with customers to make sure that all our customers get our products in the most appropriate way for their type of order."

Christian Silkstone

"I work closely on all aspects of the delivery process. Within the logistics team I make sure that every product is delivered in a timely and efficient manner."

Belinda Cooke

"I simplify the delivery process, getting everything to the right place at the right time."

Suzanne Jordan

"I simplify relationships between suppliers and customers. Excellent customer service has always been my focus, working tirelessly with our suppliers to ensure the best results possible for our customers."

Deborah Eaton

"My focus is and always will be on customer service. When you call, email or live chat I'll be there to respond to you. Ask me anything, I'm here to help with queries and advice."

Hannah Collins

"I simplify order management and queries by being easy to reach on the phone, by email or live chat."

Felicity Rankin

"I simplify the purchase and order side of our service, making sure everything is in place for our customers to get the product they need."

Heather Preston

"I simplify order processing ensuring that ours customers are prepared for receipt of their paving as well as offering support with any enquiries."

Lucy Ingham

"I simplify getting support about our products by offering my extensive knowledge of our range to answer any queries."