A Guide to Indian Sandstone Colours

A Guide to Indian Sandstone Colours

While many only think of patios in practical terms, paving slabs are actually available in a wide range of pretty pigments that help your garden stand out from the crowd.

Indian sandstone colours, in particular, offer a diverse and varied palette to pick between, ranging from understated greys to bold and dramatic blue-blacks. The trick is knowing which Indian sandstone paving slabs colour is best suited to your garden and how it impacts your outdoor space.

Well, we’re here to help! Continue reading, below, to dive into our Indian sandstone colour guide and find the perfect paving pigment for you.

Why are there so many Indian sandstone colours?

Thanks to the diverse geological formations and unique minerals found in India, Indian sandstone comes in a kaleidoscope of colours to choose for your patio.

We’re talking rustic reds, earthy browns, sleek greys, and even bright yellows – all of which are 100% natural.

Each Indian sandstone colour originates from a different region of the country. For example, red sandstone is quarried in Dholpur, brown sandstone is found in Bundi, and yellow sandstone is from Jodhpur.

Whatever colour of Indian stone you choose, think of it as a pigment passport, showing you how far your pavers have travelled to get to your patio!

Patio paving sandstone colours

Unsure which Indian sandstone colour is best suited to your garden? Read a quick breakdown of each paving pigment, below.

Dune Indian sandstone

Somewhere between beige and brown, Indian stone in dune is the standard shade that you’d expect from, well, sand dunes. This Indian sandstone colour is perfect for rustic-themed gardens – particularly if you’re looking to recreate the classic country cottage look.

To bring this pigment to your patio, try our Bradstone Smooth Natural Sandstone Paving in dune.

Buff Indian sandstone

A light yellowish brown, buff Indian sandstone effortlessly evokes the earthy tones that look their best surrounded by plant pots, flower beds, and bushy shrubbery. The tonal variations of this Indian sandstone slab colour will certainly help elevate your outdoor space beyond the usual drab dullness.


If you want to add buff Indian sandstone colours to your patio, take a look at our natural stone paving in rustic buff or buff blend – or opt for our carpet stones in sunset buff.

Fossil Indian sandstone

A warm cross between orange and brown, fossil Indian sandstone boasts similar tonal variations to buff, albeit in a slightly different shade. Not only can you enjoy a rich brown in your garden, but also off-white, yellow, and reddish hues when you add fossil Indian sandstone to your patio.

In our collection, you can find Bradstone Natural Sandstone Setts in fossil buff, which can be laid as both a patio and a driveway.

Blue-black Indian sandstone

A bold and brash Indian stone patio colour, blue-black sandstone goes dark where most pavers go light and earthy, adding an air of sophistication to your garden. Of all the Indian sandstone colours, blue-black is perhaps the best fit for a contemporary style, with its darker shade evoking a more modern motif.


Want to bring these dark patio slabs to your garden? Opt for Bradstone Natural Limestone in blue-black or azure.

Grey Indian sandstone

While many think of grey as a neutral colour that lets other shades shine, grey Indian sandstone can steal the show all on its own. This natural Indian sandstone colour looks like it’s been cut directly from the earth and placed in your patio, with subtle shade variations and riven finishes creating a dramatic aesthetic.


To add this Indian stone paving colour to your garden, consider our Natural Sandstone Paving in grey crag or our Bradstone Blended Natural Sandstone Paving in rustic grey.

Silver grey Indian sandstone

Bringing a shiny finish to your al fresco area, silver grey Indian sandstone looks right at home in both traditional and contemporary gardens. The lighter shade helps your patio feel brighter – especially when paired with colourful bouquets in flower beds and plant pots.


If this Indian sandstone paving colour sounds right up your street, take a look at our Bradstone Natural Sandstone Setts in silver grey.

Ready to put your new-found colour kudos to the test? Start shopping for Indian sandstone colours in our collection of Indian stone or sandstone pavers. Or perhaps you have a particular pigment in mind? Browse our grey, red & brindle, or black paving ranges.


If you have any questions about the different colours of Indian sandstone, we’re also happy to help. Just reach out to our team of friendly experts, either via 0800 032 6306 or by starting a live chat with us online today. 

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