What Are The Different Types of Block Paving?

What Are The Different Types of Block Paving?

Whether you want to install a completely new driveway or revamp an old one, block paving is a sure-fire way to enhance your home’s kerbside appeal.


The question is, with different variations and characteristics, which type of block paving is best suited to your driveway?


In this article, we will talk through the different types of block paving and how you might use each in your landscaping endeavours.


Let’s jump right in!

What is block paving?
Before we start talking about the different types of block paving available and which is best for your driveway, let’s start with a quick explainer of exactly what block paving is.


So, block paving is a hard-wearing and durable type of driveway paving, which is specifically designed to handle the weight of parked vehicles. That means you can drive your car onto your driveway, safe in the knowledge that the pavers won’t be breaking, cracking, or splitting under the wheels.


To ensure the structural integrity of your driveway, the pavers are also laid in an interlocking pattern and paired with driveway edging, keeping the entire area secure and looking great to boot!


What types of block paving are available?
Unsure which type of driveway paving is best suited to your particular paving project? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with short breakdowns of the different types of block paving, as well as the specialist purpose of each design.


Continue reading, below, to find out more about each type of driveway paving.



Driveway block paving
First up is driveway block paving, which is also sometimes referred to as domestic block paving. This is the standard type of block paving and the most popular choice for homeowners who want to spruce up their driveway.


In this collection, you can always find a price point that suits your budget, with both cost-effective and premium types of driveway paving available.


For example, our Bradstone Driveway Block Paving is a great budget-friendly choice, while our Bradstone StoneMaster Block Paving delivers on its luxurious promise, impressing with its stunning good looks, durability, and convenience. Just browse the wider range of this type of block paving to find the perfect fit for your driveway!


If you want to learn how to install this type of driveway paving, read our how to lay block paving guide.


Permeable block paving

With permeable block paving, you get the same eye-catching aesthetics and hard-wearing benefits as domestic blocks, just with a reduced risk of flooding as an added bonus.


That’s because this type of block paving is designed to let rainwater filter through the paver and into the sub-base, rather than puddles collecting on the surface or running off into public drainage systems. In fact, according to certain local councils, permeable block paving could be the only type of driveway paving you’re allowed to install in your area. For more information, read our blog post on when you need planning permission for a driveway.


It's also worth bearing in mind that, due to its water-filtering capabilities, there are a couple extra steps to installation with this type of block paving. But don’t worry, our how to lay permeable block paving guide will walk you through the process. 

Heavy duty block paving

Where permeable and domestic block paving are both suited to the driveway at home, heavy-duty block paving is for more commercial landscaping.


For example, this type of block paving is used for car parks, roads, lorry yards and offloading areas, or pretty much any infrastructure that sees regular heavy vehicle traffic. These blocks are much thicker (around 60mm to 80mm) than those used for domestic purposes, meaning they can support lorries, vans, and HGVs without cracking or splitting under the weight.


But just because they are built for practical purposes, it doesn’t mean heavy-duty block paving can’t enhance the look of any given commercial project. Explore the different colours and finishes available with this type of block paving to which is best for the job.


Buy different types block paving online from Simply Paving
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