Guides for DIY finishing touches

Guides for DIY finishing touches

Laying block paving

Eyeing up a brand new patio or driveway but don’t think you can afford the expensive installation fees?

Well, we’re here to tell you that you can cut paving costs by up to 80% just by doing all the work yourself. After all, who needs a professional contractor when you’ve got the right guidance and tools to do the job?

To help you get started, we’ve collated our most popular paving DIY guides into one helpful article. Just find the questions pertaining to your paving project and click through to the relevant blog post.

Your journey to becoming a paving DIY expert starts here…


Guides for prepping your pavers

How much does it cost to lay a patio?

Before you can start picking paving slabs and mixing mortar, you need to find out how much your brand new DIY paver patio will set you back.

So, whether you’ve got your eye on some magnificent porcelain paving or you prefer the rustic aesthetic of natural stone, work out which pavers fit into your budget with our helpful how much does it cost to lay a patio? blog post.

How do I calculate the size of my patio?

With your patio pavers picked out, the next step is figuring out how many slabs you need for your garden. To make sure you don’t buy too many or too few, grab your measuring tape and read our how do I calculate the size of my patio? paving guide.

How do I prepare my home for laving paving?

We know you’re eager to bring your DIY paving ideas to life, but there’s one final step before you can lay your pavers into place: prepping the landscaping area. Read our blog post how to prepare your home for laying paving slabs, stones and blocks for expert advice.


Guides for installing your pavers

How do I lay paving slabs?

So, your pavers have promptly arrived, your mortar is ready to go and the sun is shining kindly on your garden – it’s finally time to start laying your patio!

Hone your paving DIY skills with our how to lay paving slabs for your patio blog post or, if you purchased porcelain pavers, read our how to lay porcelain paving guide.

How do I lay block paving?

While some of the steps are similar, laying block pavers for your driveway is different from installing a patio. To find out how to apply paving DIY techniques to the front of your home, read our how to lay block paving guide. We also have a how to lay permeable block paving blog post, if you’ve opted for our free-draining permeable paving.

How do I cut paving slabs?

Whether you’re creating intricate paving patterns or working to tight and awkward dimensions, cutting paving slabs is often the fiddliest task on your DIY paver patio checklist. Don’t worry though, there’s no need to call a professional – just read our how to cut paving slabs blog post for different ways you can cut your pavers down to size.

How do I mix mortar?

While you can purchase ready-made mortar mixes online or in stores, it’s often simpler and cheaper to create your own mix at home. Grab your supplies and read out how to mix mortar for paving blog post to save yourself an extra couple of quid.


Guides for maintaining your pavers

How do I maintain my patio?

Once your paving DIY project is complete, the next step is maintaining your patio’s fresh new look for years to come. From repairing cracked slabs to sealing your patio, read our how to maintain your patio blog post to keep your pavers in tip top shape.

How do I clean my pavers?

Want to get your patio ready for summer barbecues? Or maybe you’re fed up with unsightly oil spillages on the driveway? Our cleaning guides once again hold the solution. For patio cleaning tips, read our how to clean a patio article or take a look at our how to clean block paving blog post for all your driveway cleanliness needs.

How do I fix loose pavers?

Whether through daily wear and tear or issues during installation, a loose paving slab on an otherwise pristine patio sticks out like a sore thumb. Don’t worry though, it’s pretty simply to fix the problem with your own paving DIY skills – just read our how to fix loose paving guide for top tips and advice.


Guides for DIY finishing touches

How do I install garden edging?

With your patio installed and impressing your neighbours, you can turn your attention to the finishing touches that really enhance your garden’s aesthetic. Both pretty and practical, read our guide on how to install garden edging to compliment your DIY paver patio.

How do I lay a garden path?

For those who love to showcase their garden’s horticultural achievements or even just want a mud-free route to the shed, a garden path is an absolute must-have. Read our guide on how to lay a garden path or, if you’re looking for a simpler alternative, take a look at our how to lay stepping stones blog post.

How do I build a garden wall?

If you’re feeling ambitious and want to put your newly-honed paving DIY skills to the test, then you could try to construct walls for your garden. Whether you want to use them to raise flowerbeds or partition your outdoor space, read our how to build garden walls blog post to ensure you don’t put a brick wrong!


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