4 garden tips to increase the value of your property

4 garden tips to increase the value of your property


As a homeowner, you’ll likely be looking at ways to increase the value of your property however you can.

And while you’ll be aware of all the renovations you need to do indoors, you may be surprised to learn that your garden poses just as many opportunities for improvement as, say, a new kitchen island.

From simple tasks like fixing broken pavers to complex garden projects like installing a new patio, there is a lot you can do to upscale your outdoor space.

Read below for our top tips on making the perfect first impression.

Install a patio

When it comes to attracting buyers, you can’t go wrong with a pretty patio.

In fact, according to Sell House Fast, 76% of estate agents, garden designers and property professionals believe a patio can significantly increase a property’s value. How much that increases, however, depends on the quality of your finish.

But how can you be sure you’re investing wisely? Well, we advise researching into the different types of paving to get an idea of what you definitely do – and definitely don’t – want, and then check your favourites are within your price range.

For example, there are plenty of attractive budget paving ideas for bargain hunters, while natural stone and porcelain paving slabs are a little pricier but deliver a premium look for longer.

Once you’ve selected your patio pavers, it’s then time to install them like a pro. For this, you can either request the help of a landscaper or, to save yourself some extra pennies, you could do it yourself with the help of our guide on how to lay paving slabs.

Maintain your outdoor space

The key to keeping property valuers happy is simple; make your garden look brand new – even if it isn’t.

There’s no special trick or secret technique here, just a little TLC to keep your garden neat and tidy. This means a lot of diligent weeding, litter picking and lawn mowing. If you have any bushes or shrubbery, ensure they are trimmed down to size (no garden sculptures necessary).

As for the paving slabs themselves, a deep annual clean should be enough to keep any unsightly muck, mud or mould at bay. And if they crack or come loose? Just find a spare paver and follow our tips on how to fix loose paving slabs to get your outdoor space back to its best. For more maintenance tips and tricks, check out our how to maintain your patio guide.

Build a garden shed

Your garden is looking glorious, but is your garden shed? If the answer is ‘no’, perhaps it’s time for a little upcycling.

Not only is an attractive shed good to look at – it will also bump up your property’s value. That’s because, as reported by Sell House Fast, a whopping 82% of property professionals think that a ‘decent-sized shed’ will significantly add to your home’s market value.

So, with practical and profitable perks aplenty, all that’s left to do is install your shed. For best results, choose a wood type and colour that matches your garden’s look (natural wood for rustic schemes, for example) and, most importantly, ensure it is laid on a solid foundation. Take a look at our in-depth guide for laying a shed base with paving slabs for more information about what you need to do.

With all the ‘big picture’ projects taken care of, you can focus on the finishing flourishes that really make your garden (and your property) stand out on the market.

We’re talking everything from picking the right garden furniture to installing your very own DIY water feature. Perhaps you want to lay a garden path that winds around your fantastical flower beds, or maybe you’re looking for neat garden walls to border your space.

Whatever final touches you choose, with the right paver and installation method your improvements are sure to pay off in the future.

Now you know how to use your garden to increase the value of your property, all you need is the right materials to spruce up your garden. Head over to Simply Paving to browse our extensive range of paving slabs or, for more information, give us a call on 0800 032 6306 or start a live chat with us.

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