5 gardening projects to do with kids

5 gardening projects to do with kids

Struggling to find new ways to entertain the kids during quarantine? Don’t worry – there are heaps of gardening projects out there that will keep your little ones occupied and get them outside in the sun. (Trust us, even kids who are usually superglued to their phones will want to give them a go.)

So, what are you waiting for? Dig through our top gardening projects with kids, below, to keep them busy during lockdown.

Conjure up a fairy garden

To your little one, a garden is a place of endless possibility; it’s a football pitch, a champions arena and an uncharted frontier, all in one.

But if you’ve got limited space, it can be difficult to bring those ideas to life. A fairy garden nurtures this whimsical imagination and encourages kids to be more creative, even in a small garden.

With nothing more than bits and bobs found in the garden and around the house (think pebbles, twigs, cardboard and ribbon), they can create little villages, replete with fantastical fences and teeny-tiny fairy doors that will keep them occupied for hours on end.

The best part? Your kids can add their fairy garden to just about anywhere, whether tucked out of sight in long grass, or at the end of a makeshift garden path (we recommend using aggregate for the tiny stepping stones).

Craft a bug box

If your kids are fascinated by all the creepy crawlies that call your garden ‘home’, then a DIY bug box will certainly satisfy their six-legged curiosity.

To start, set them on a search for an open-fronted box or an old plant pot. Then, set your little ones the task of gathering the home comforts that bugs love; pine cones, twigs, dried grass, leaves – anything and everything that will entice nomad insects to move in.

Now, it’s a waiting game. Just leave the bug box outside and it will soon be teeming with interesting creatures and critters – remember to snap some photos for the memory bank!

Plant a vegetable patch

A gardening project for the entire family, planting a vegetable patch will keep both you and your little one occupied this summer – with some tasty results to boot.

Firstly, you need to decide where to lay the foundation of your pint-sized patch. If you want to partition it from the rest of your garden, then consider using our lawn edging – it will certainly stop curious feet from wandering all over your soon-to-be-picked veggies.

With your patch of soil sorted, next is to plant seeds. Runner beans, tomatoes and carrots are all safe bets for a UK summer (as well as being easy plants for kids to grow) – and might even convince the children to eat their homegrown greens at the dinner table. Double win!

Create a mini pond

While building a permanent water feature might be beyond your child’s construction capability, creating a mini pond is as easy as ABC.

All you need is a shallow, watertight container (a plant pot or a bucket work nicely) and fill it with water. Then, it’s just a case of accessorising the pond by collecting twigs, rocks and gravel to go in the container. If you want to go the extra mile, order in a couple of aquatic plants, like water starwort or brooklime, from your local garden centre.

To finish, place your pocket-sized pond in the shade – all manner of wildlife will thank you for a cool and refreshing reprieve from the summer sun.

Organise a scavenger hunt

So, you’ve exhausted the crafts cupboard and the kids are looking at you expectantly. What’s next? A good old-fashioned scavenger hunt, of course.

The rules for this kids’ gardening project are simple; just draw up a list of items commonly seen in your garden and ask your kids to spot them all. This list can include leaves, rocks, birds and insects – it’s as vague or as specific as your little hunter can handle.

Will they wander down your winding garden path or roam off the beaten track to win the game? One thing’s for sure, scavenger hunts will certainly keep the kids busy this summer.

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