5 Low Maintenance Garden Ideas

5 Low Maintenance Garden Ideas

Want a stunning garden but don’t have the time or patience for the constant mowing, pruning and watering that’s part and parcel of every gardener’s to-do list?

Well, we’re here to tell you that you can have your cake and eat it too by developing a low maintenance garden. That’s right, you can say goodbye to those long landscaping labours and have a beautiful backyard with minimal effort.

All you need to do is read our top 5 low maintenance garden ideas, below, and inspire your own sparks of easy-care garden innovation.

Let’s jump right in, shall we?


1.   Remove your lawn entirely

Wrestling the lawnmower out of the shed, untangling infinite wires, struggling with stubborn patches of grass; we all dread that very first cut of spring. But it doesn’t have to be this way – you can create a low maintenance garden by getting rid of the lawn entirely.

We’re not talking about leaving your easy care garden bare and boring though – far from it! Instead, you can inject style and sophistication into your backyard by replacing the grass with low maintenance paving slabs, such as porcelain or concrete paving.

Alternatively, if you like the verdant vibes that a grass lawn brings to your garden, consider installing artificial grass. That way, you have a no maintenance garden with the green foundation you desire.


2.   Install porcelain paving

Fed up with all the extra elbow grease required to keep your patio spick and span? It might be time to make the change to porcelain paving.

Whether you are swapping out your old slabs or paving over a grass lawn, porcelain pavers are the ultimate low maintenance patio solution. Not only are they extremely hard-wearing, but porcelain paving is also non-porous, meaning accidental spills and wayward stains cannot penetrate the surface of the slab.

A quick once over with a brush and a bucket of soapy water is all you need to keep these low maintenance paving slabs sparkling through the seasons!


3.   Swap flower borders for shrubs

While flower beds and borders can look truly stunning, maintaining their beauty is an awful lot of hard work – especially during the cold snap of winter.

So, to save on time and sweat, replace your fussy flowerbeds with shrubs. These low maintenance outdoor plants bring the captivating colours of your favourite flora, just without the need for round-the-clock surveillance to keep them fit and fighting.

In fact, all you’ll need to do is give them a quick trim once a year to keep your shrubs nice and neat.


4.   Pot plants in containers

Don’t discard your flowery fancies just yet – even low maintenance gardens should not be completely bereft of beautiful bouquets to impress your guests.

You just need to plant your soon-to-be stunning saplings in containers and pots to keep them easy to care for. With this method, you don’t need to worry about competing roots taking nutrients from other plants as you would in a flowerbed – nor do you need to trim and prune your low maintenance outdoor potted plants.

What’s more, you could place your pots and containers on raised surfaces in your low maintenance garden. This would reduce the need for all that uncomfortable kneeling and straining when it comes to watering the plants.


5.   Plant perennial flower

Ready to fill your plant pots and containers but not sure which are the best flowers for a low maintenance garden? Stick to the perennials.

We’re talking about the likes of lavender, delphiniums, geraniums and daffodils; the low maintenance flowers that come back every spring without the need to buy and plant new seeds.

Place these hardy and fantastic flora into your pots and containers to enjoy a colourful cornucopia every single year!

Now you’re brimming with low maintenance garden ideas, it’s time to lay the right foundations for the job. And that’s where we come in! Head over to the Simply Paving website to browse our collection of low maintenance paving slabs today.

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