DIY Garden Projects You can do in a Day, a Weekend, and a Week

DIY Garden Projects You can do in a Day, a Weekend, and a Week

With the weather getting warmer and the days getting longer, it's about time to roll our sleeves up and get cracking with your next DIY garden project.

However, not everybody has the same time to dedicate to outdoor projects. Some people try to fit in as much as possible in a couple of hours, while others have the luxury of an entire week to build something special.

With this in mind, we’ve collated a list of DIY garden projects that can either be completed in a day, a weekend or over the course of a week.

Keep reading to discover some brilliant weekend garden projects, including many that can benefit from our paving slabs.


DIY garden projects that take less than a day

A project doesn’t have to be huge to be impactful. A few finishing touches here and there can really bring your garden together. You also don’t have to spend a lot of time or money to make some magnificent additions to your garden.

Let’s explore some cost-effective, easy DIY projects you can complete in just one day.


DIY stone planter

We love all DIY projects that make good use of pavers, which is why we adore making our own plant pots. This is an easy enough project that only needs a few paving slabs, a little bit of mortar and a healthy helping of soil.

DIY stone planters can also be constructed with virtually any size of paver. Better yet, with one large paving slab, you can cut it into quarters and make a fantastic stone planter!


DIY contemporary house number 

Speaking of projects using a single paver, how about creating a bespoke house number plaque for the front of your home? 

Take a sole slab, such as a porcelain paver or a slate slab, and size it up to the space next to your front door. 

Once you’ve got the size right, find the letters or numbers you need for your house and then attach them to the slab. From there, you can either rest your slab on the floor or even attach it to the wall. Hey presto, you’ve got yourself a contemporary house number sign!


DIY raised garden beds

Great for lining patios and pathways, raised garden beds better draw attention to your favourite floral displays. While stone planters work wonders for smaller spaces or to fill in gaps, raised garden beds help to introduce colour throughout your entire garden.

That’s why it’s so great that you can make them so quickly! Sticking to the same method as the DIY stone planters, you can use pavers, large and small, to create your own custom raised garden beds. 


DIY garden projects that take a weekend

While quick and easy DIY garden projects can be tempting, sinking some time into a larger project can be incredibly rewarding too. 

That’s why we’ve looked at our favourite DIY weekend projects, some of which are a great way to raise the value of your property. Luckily, as impressive as they are, many of these are easily DIY do-able!


DIY shed base

If you’ve got the space, sheds make for a fantastically versatile addition to any garden. They can house tools and equipment, safely store garden furniture, and even be converted into outdoor service spaces, like bars for summer parties. However, a superb addition needs a strong foundation.

You’ll need to lay a sub-base as well as a base for a shed. For a great guide on how using paving slabs makes this easier, read our guide on how to lay a shed base with paving slabs.


DIY fire pit

A fire pit is a wonderful fit for any garden, all year round. It’s a wonderful spot to gather around in summer evenings, ideal for toasting marshmallows during autumn months, and a perfect spot to enjoy mulled wine or hot chocolate in winter.

They're not difficult to build either, with quality fire pit materials easy to source. For example, our garden walling provides can be used to construct the fire pit structure, with plenty of styles on offer. 


DIY stone edging

A safe bet for any garden, stone edging works wonders for establishing pathways as well as partitioning an outdoor space. This includes establishing space for flowerbeds, dividing a lawn, or making grass maintenance easier.

Speaking of making things easier, installing stone edging is simple. For a step-by-step guide for installing edging, check out our helpful blog on how to install garden edging.


DIY garden projects that take over a weekend

Of course, not all DIY projects can be wrapped up over a weekend. For DIY experts, some projects might be possible during a single weekend. However, these DIY projects may benefit from a little more time and attention for those with a little less experience.

From big, value-increasing projects to dream designs that you’ve always wanted for your garden, these are the DIY garden projects that can truly make a house a home.

If you’ve got more time to work on your outdoor space and garden design, read below for more DIY garden ideas.


DIY patio

While it may feel like a daunting task, installing a patio can be a very rewarding DIY project.

Whether you’re opting for a small and modest patio or you’ve got your sights on a larger paving space, patios instantly enhance an outdoor space. 

But with so many potential patio designs available, it can be tricky to know where to start. That’s why we recommend browsing the many different types of pavers available in our collection, including concrete, natural stone and circular paving slabs

Whatever style you choose, you can learn how to install your pavers by reading our how to lay paving slabs article. 


DIY garden stone pathways

A wonderful way to establish a natural flow to your garden, pathways guide you and your guests through your personal outdoor paradise. They can also be used as a border for your garden. 

For a comprehensive step-by-step guide, you can read our article on how to lay a garden path. Alternatively, if you'd prefer to use stepping stones, check out our how to lay stepping stones in your garden article.


DIY garden pond

Last but certainly not least, installing your own pond offers your garden a tranquil spot for fish, water features, or water-based flora. 

You can also add some fantastic finishing touches to a garden pond with our decorative aggregates. For a smaller water-based project, you can aim to build a different water feature, such as a mini waterfall or a water solar feature. Read our guide on how to build a patio water feature to find out more.


Naturally, when it comes to DIY garden projects, the only limits are your time and imagination. Some projects can take weeks, even months to perfect. That’s why, here at Simply Paving, we’re always updating our advice centre with helpful tips, how-to guides, and useful articles. Take a look today and start getting inspired for what you can do in your garden!


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