Modern Driveway Ideas for Your Next Landscaping Project

Modern Driveway Ideas for Your Next Landscaping Project


When most of us consider driveway paving ideas, we typically only think about practicality. Which pavers can hold the weight of my car? What material will last the longest?

 However, we believe that driveways are an extension of your home’s décor and should be treated as such. That means you need to choose a driveway design that complements your kerb appeal.

Below, we’ll be exploring some modern driveway ideas to help you get creative with your next landscaping project.

What makes a driveway modern?

Before we start exploring some fantastic modern driveway paving ideas, let’s breakdown exactly what elements makes a driveway modern. Whether you take inspiration from these ideas or just want to understand how to create a contemporary driveway, we explore these factors below.

Contemporary colours

It’s generally agreed that monochromatic colours and tones are indicators of contemporary style. This means that it’s the blacks and greys that are contemporary colours and indicators of an on-trend modern driveway.

Naturally, personal preference and tastes will always be important, so if you’re a fan of creams and reds you might be happier with more traditional styles. However, you can potentially opt for less contemporary colours and still aim for a modern driveway, especially if you keep the following points in mind.

Smooth finishes

The hallmark sign of natural stone are the natural veins and rougher finishes. While these can be charming options for patios and gardens, they’re rarely applicable to driveways, let alone modern driveways. It’s best to opt for smooth finishes with your paving materials, which makes block paving for driveways even more appealing.

Use of finishing touches

While you can certainly opt for a driveway that’s completely paved and made up of nothing but paving, many contemporary driveways work well with the likes of garden stones and decorate aggregates. In particular, it’s decorative slate that offers borders a modern edge, either in blue slate or plum slate. This is especially true when paired with similar shades of paving.

1. Block paving driveways

Driveway covered by shade

Thanks to their strength and durability, block paving is a solid choice for modern, new look driveways. When it comes to appearances, they’re great at adhering to any pre-existing style of decor, with their wide array of varying colours making them the ideal paving product to any modern home. 

 You can mix and match these different colours, which opens the possibility of making a statement piece with your driveway design, or simply stick to a contemporary colour scheme with one choice of colour. Better yet, our selection features a wide range of responsibly sourced Bradstone block paving options, making them a more environmentally friendly choice compared to other conventional paving options. 

2. Format block paving driveways

Block paving driveway outside garage

If you’re looking for an eye-catching statement, you can build patterns using metro-style block pavers in a range of natural colour tones. These are ideal for modern homes or for those looking to develop a clean, sharp look.

 Format block pavers have usually been mechanically washed to offer a pristine, smooth finish, fitting in perfectly with contemporary set ups. A fantastic example of pavers for format block paving driveways is the StoneMaster range of block paving.

3. Gravel & Slate Driveways

Using gravel and slate adds a contemporary edge to any driveway. However, stones and gravel alone won’t be durable enough to support the weight of a car. That’s why you should combine these designs with block paving for a stylish driveway.

Modern gravel designs can also be paired with driveway edging and kerb stones, keeping your driveway clear of stray pebbles. For a modern driveway idea that uses gravel, consider the Driveway Infilta block paving, which is a contemporary match made in heaven.

4. Natural Driveways

Driveway with modern driveway paving

If you’re looking to add some extra flair to the edges of your driveway but aren’t a fan of gravel, you can always go green. After all, modern driveways can always benefit from a little added greenery, whether it’s something as simple as adding some potted plants, hanging baskets, or dotting your border with wildflowers.

It’s also worth remembering that healthy plants and soil aid drainage and prevent water build up during heavy rainfall. This grants this modern driveway idea another practical benefit while also looking great, protecting your driveway from added dirt and mud during heavy rainfall.

Driveways at Simply Paving

At Simply Paving, we provide high-quality paving products that are fit for any driveway project. If you’re looking for more driveway ideas, advice on the best pavers for driveways, or to make a purchase, you can get in touch with our friendly team of paving experts. Call 0800 032 6306 or start a live chat with us online.

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