How is my order delivered?

Your delivery could take place in a number of ways and we will contact you to advise the method we have allocated to your order.

Tail lift vehicle - We generally deliver our products on a tail lift vehicle with a smaller lorry an option. This works by lowering the pallets individually to the floor using the tail lift with the driver then manouvering the pallet into place using a manual pallet truck. Please note that delivery onto a driveway is at the driver's discretion and by instructing him/her to do so you are accepting liability for any damage done.

Vehicle with crane - dependent on your location, quantity ordered and/or access to the property we may be able to deliver your order on a crane vehicle. We will inform you of this when we call to book in your delivery.

Vehicles with forklift offloads may also used for larger orders or upon request where possible.

Rest assured that there is almost no location that we have been unable to deliver to. If you have a difficult delivery location, usually a combination of a different delivery vehicle and a little extra time will generally result in a successful delivery.

Please see our delivery information for further detail and contact us should you need any help.