Is it your first time buying a new patio and you’re unsure how many slabs you need? Or maybe you’ve just moved into a new home and need guidance on the amount of block pavers required for your driveway?

Well, with our paving calculator, you no longer need to rely on your best guesstimate when adding paving slabs to your shopping basket. All you need to do is input the width and length of your garden, choose the ideal paving size, and our paving slabs calculator will tell you how many slabs you need.

Paving Calculator

🧱 Paving Calculator 🧱

*Our paving calculator accounts for the additional 5% required for potential wastage.

About our paving calculator

Our paving slab calculator is quick, simple, and completely free to use. This invaluable tool removes the guesswork from buying pavers, meaning you are less likely to be left with too few or too many paving slabs at the end of your landscaping project.

To find out how many slabs you need for your patio or driveway, just follow the three simple steps, below:

  1. Input the width of your intended paving area
  2. Input the length of your intended paving area
  3. Choose the size of pavers you want for your project

And that’s it! Your patio slab calculator result will tell you the total measurements of the area in square metres, letting you know how many slabs you need.

Bear in mind, however, that the paving calculator results may not be exact – they are best used as guidance to better inform your purchase.

How do I measure my garden or driveway?

Before you start testing our paving calculator for yourself, you first need to break out the measuring tape to find out the exact dimensions of your intended paving area.

If you have a square or rectangular paving area, then this step is nice and easy. It’s two simple measurements, running along the length and width of your paving area, and you’re ready to use our paving calculator!

Where things get a bit more complicated is with different shapes and awkward angles. Maybe you want to create an attractive al fresco area with circular paving? Or perhaps your driveway is an imperfect rectangle to accommodate a front garden?

Regardless of which shape you’re dealing with, try to break it up into easier-to-measure squares or rectangles. We recommend drawing up a basic floor plan of your intended paving area and marking out the different sections by hand. Add up the dimensions of these individual shapes to get your total measurement.

For more information about how to measure your patio or driveway, take a look at our how to calculate the size of my patio blog post.

What paving slab sizes do I need?

When it comes to using our paving calculator, choosing the right paving slab sizes is about so much more than just filling the square footage of your patio or driveway. The size and shape of pavers directly determines the style and overall feel of your project, suiting different set-ups.

For example, the clean uniformity of square block pavers, such as 450 x 450mm and 600 x 600mm, is perfect for more modern motifs. They offer a sleek and sophisticated aesthetic that always looks right at home in a contemporary aesthetic.

Rectangular pavers, such as 600 x 450 mm and 900 x 600 mm, are the tried and true classic of traditional patio design. You can even create eclectic block paving patterns that fit right in with a rustic, country cottage style.

To see all the sizes available in our block paving calculator, read our handy table, below:

Paving slab sizes in our paving calculator

450 x 450 mm paving slabs

600 x 450 mm paving slabs

600 x 600 mm paving slabs

900 x 600 mm paving slabs

1200 x 600 mm paving slabs

Decorative aggregate calculator

 While pavers might be your first port of call when you’re planning a new patio or driveway, it’s important to not forget about the small details that can make a big impact on your outdoor aesthetic.

 Take decorative aggregates, for instance. This crushed rock adds that all-important finishing touch to your paving project, whether it’s partitioning different parts of your garden or offering an interesting texture contrast to your patio.

 And with our aggregate calculator, it’s much easier to figure out how much material you need in addition to paving slabs. All you need to do is input the width and length of the areas you want to fill with aggregates, and our material calculator will do the necessary maths to put you on the right track. Simple!

 Test out our helpful decorative aggregate calculator, below.

Decorative Aggregates Calculator

🧱 Decorative Aggregates Calculator 🧱


What decorative aggregates should I buy?

 Once you’re happy with the suggestions from our material calculator, the next step is to choose which decorative aggregates you want for your garden.

 And if you’ve already picked out the perfect pavers, then we recommend co-ordinating with the colour of your driveway or patio. For example, grey paving slabs go hand-in-hand with blue slate aggregates, whereas golden gravel and Cotswold chippings are more suited to sandstone paving.

 You can even pair plum slate aggregates with blue-black paving, if you wanted to go all-in on a bold and eye-catching aesthetic!


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 Whether you’re eyeing up a porcelain paving patio or want a concrete block paving driveway, let our helpful calculators guide your shopping journey. With these tools, you can see how many slabs you need or how much aggregate you require, potentially saving you money on buying too much stock.

Alternatively, if you have any more questions about our paving calculator or aggregate calculator, then simply get in touch. Just give us a call on 0800 032 6306 or start a live chat today!

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