Granite Paving Slabs

Our granite setts will add a touch of class to your garden, whilst our granite paving slabs are also flamed to make them slip-resistant.

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What is granite paving?

Cut from granular, crystalline rock, granite is known for its dense interior and hardwearing exterior. This winning combination makes it one of the most popular paving materials on the market.


What finish is your granite paving?

A reliable choice for patios and walkways, granite paving stones are best known for their earthy, textured finish.

This look is made possible by exposing the stone to a high-temperature flame which then causes a sudden expansion of the stone’s surface. This is known as the ‘flaming’ method, and it is most commonly used to make granite paving stones slip-resistant.

Along with being practical, the flamed finish also gives granite a crystallised ‘sparkly’ appearance – ideal if you’re looking to impress your guests.


How thick are your granite paving stones?

Granite pavers from Simply Paving typically have a thickness of 23-27mm. This consistency not only offers a seamless foundation across outdoor areas, it also makes them easier to lay.


How much do granite paving stones cost?

Along with being durable, stylish and high-quality, granite paving stones are also affordable.

At Simply Paving, we offer great value on our granite slabs, with our range generally costing between £29/m2 - £47/m2. Of course, the cost varies depending on the size and number of pavers you choose in your pack, although the pricing structure is made clear on our individual product pages.


What is the best way to lay granite paving stones?

To take full advantage of the non-slip finish on your granite paving, make sure you are placing stones flamed/textured side up. Not only does this make them feel better underfoot, the profile shows off your stone’s characteristic sparkles.

It may also be advisable to create an adhesive ‘bond bridge’ before you lay your slabs. To do this, just add a slurry primer to the back of the granite paving slabs; this will help to keep your new paving stones firmly in place.

If you’re laying other dense stones, such as porcelain or slate, follow the method above and apply a bond bridge. The primer also helps prevents moisture from absorbing into the paving stones and staining your stone’s flawless aesthetic. For clearing up spillages or grime build-up, on the other hand, cleaning and sealing will be enough to keep your patio looking pristine.

To find out more about appropriate cleaners and sealants for your paving slabs, speak to the Simply Paving team and we can point you in the right direction.


What are granite setts?

Where you may use granite paving slabs as the main attraction of your garden, granite setts are best reserved for those all-important accent pieces.

These small blocks of quarried stone are the perfect partner to granite paving stones. Use your granite setts to create eye-catching fan, arc and circle shapes throughout patio seating areas and walkways.

Want to learn more about granite paving? It’s easy – just call us on 0800 032 6306 or start a live chat to get your answers.

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