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Hard-wearing and superbly stylish, Limestone paving is a distinguished type of paving that handles all outdoor weather conditions with ease. And thanks to its natural surface gloss, these patio slabs feature slip-resistant properties, keeping you safer after a heavy downpour.

Limestone flags are reliable thick, and durable, too, all while offering the subtly stunning finish unique to natural stone products. Both traditional and contemporary gardens look great with this timeless style.
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Limestone paver FAQs 

While you may be wowed by the dramatic colours and sleek finishes of limestone paving, knowing exactly which product is best for you is a little tricky. Well, we’re here to help. 

Continue reading, below, for the answers to the most frequently asked questions we’ve received about limestone paving. 


What is limestone paving? 

A type of natural stone, limestone paving slabs are known for their smooth, flat finishes and durability.  

With beautiful shades and distinctive natural veining, limestone paving stones are popular choices for those who love contemporary style, such as with porcelain pavers, but desire the rustic charm of natural stone pavers 

Limestone patio pavers are also wear-resistant and slip-resistant. This ensures your patio looks great and is safe to walk on, even when it’s been raining; a perfect fit for the British climate! 


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Features of limestone paving 

  • Features natural texturing for a beautiful finish 
  • Slip-resistant properties with a natural surface gloss 
  • Available in a variety of distinct colours 
  • Look great as part of both traditional and modern outdoor spaces.

How much does limestone paving cost? 

Our limestone patio stones selection is available for budgets both large and small. This includes value-priced limestone pavers, such as our very own natural limestone paving, as well as the more premium options, like Bradstone’s natural limestone pavers. 


How to style limestone pavers 

  • Many limestone flags feature beautiful shades and distinctive natural veining 
  • Available in several colours, able to cater to both traditional and modern gardens 
  • If you’re still unsure which type of natural stone paving is best for you, our guide on limestone vs sandstone paving can help 


What colour limestone slabs are available? 

While many associate limestone pavers exclusively with neutral tones, our collection features a wide variety of shades and finishes. 

For modern set-ups, there’s our contemporary blue-black natural limestone paving, which is uses bold colours to make a big statement. For more open-air, traditional gardens, the bright honeymede paving is an always delightful choice. 

There’s also midnight black, steel grey, and soft azure paving available, ensuring our limestone paving can cater to all tastes and styles. 


What limestone paver slab sizes are available? 

Our limestone paver slabs are available in a variety of different sizes, designed to accommodate to any outdoor project. Our most common sizes, include: 

Even if you can’t find the right limestone paving dimensions for your outdoor space, you can adjust and cut those that are a little larger than desired. To learn about how to safely cut pavers, read our article that explores how to cut paving slabs. 


How to maintain limestone pavers 

  • Avoid acid-based cleaners with limestone slabs as these can permanently damage the stone surface 
  • It’s recommended that sealing limestone pavers helps to maintain the ‘as new’ look and prevent colour fading 


How do I clean limestone paving? 

The number one rule with cleaning limestone paving slabs is to never use an acid-based cleaner. This is because limestone chemically reacts with the acid, resulting in permanent damage to the surface of the stone.  

Many general household cleaners are acidic, so remember to check the label carefully. Examples of acidic cleaners include rust removers, metal cleaners, and domestic cleaning solutions with lemon juice or vinegar. 

The best way to clean limestone pavers is with routine cleaning, by regularly sweeping to remove dust and debris. For any mess that requires more than just a thick-bristled brush, such as mud or dirt, you can clean limestone slabs with warm water and mild dish soap. 


Should I seal my limestone pavers? 

It’s always worth sealing your new limestone pavers, to both protect against natural elements and accidental spills. This is especially true for darker pavers, as these can fade over time in the sun.  

We recommend you use a water-based sealant on your limestone paving, to ensure you do not damage the stone. 


How to remove oil from limestone paving 

For tougher cleaning jobs, like removing and cleaning oil or grease from limestone, you’ll need a more rigorous approach.  

Just like with everyday spills, you can use mild dish soap, although you may need to soak and repeat this process a few times.  

Apply your dish soap solution directly to the oil stain and leave it for half an hour. Then, use a nylon-bristled brush and some warm water to remove the soap. Repeat this process until the oil or grease stain is gone. 


Buy limestone paving online from Simply Paving 

Here at Simply Paving, we’re proud to offer a wealth of limestone paving options to suit any budget and style. To see what other pavers we offer, browse our complete paving collection. 

If you have any questions or want to find out more about our range of limestone paving, call us on 0800 032 6306 or start a live chat. 

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