Breeze Blocks

Concrete blocks, otherwise known as breeze blocks, cinder blocks, and cement blocks, are solid and durable building materials that are used in a variety of projects.  

From the lightweight concrete blocks used for a breeze block garden wall, to the dense concrete blocks of a supporting wall, we have strong and durable concrete blocks for sale for any DIY project.

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Features of Concrete Blocks 

Concrete blocks have tons of useful features ideal for both indoor and outdoor building tasks. Want to know how concrete blocks can improve your DIY project? Check out the table, below:

  • Remarkably strong and durable building materials 
  • Strong enough for use in both internal and external walls 
  • High in density and thermal mass 
  • Fire resistant 
  • Reusable when used with lime mortars
  • Available with lightweight concrete block variants  


Concrete block FAQs 

We've been working with paving slabs since 2005. Whilst working with these paving products, we’ve handled and supplied building materials, which has made us experts in working with cinder blocks for projects both large and small.  

Continue reading below for the answers to the most frequently asked questions we’ve received about concrete blocks. 


What are concrete blocks? 

Breeze blocks are dense concrete blocks that are primarily designed for the likes of walls as load-bearing products. As they are universally used within construction and outdoor projects alike, they often go by many names, including cinder blocks, and concrete blocks. 

While we specialise in paving products, such as concrete paving and block paving, but our concrete blocks are wholly different products. Above all else, they are designed to be strong and durable enough to serve as load-bearing walls.  

While our concrete pavers do have a visual appeal alongside being sturdy, our breeze blocks, on the other hand, are crafted with strength as their primary focus. This makes them ideal for DIY projects like indoor walls and shed bases.

Overall, concrete blocks are the best choice for the projects that prioritise durability and longevity over the aesthetically pleasing.


What are breeze blocks used for?

Whether you’re building an indoor partition to divide your space or putting up an outdoor wall for shade and privacy in your garden, breeze blocks are versatile enough for both tasks.

Since breeze blocks aid ventilation, they are ideal for small indoor projects like dividing up an open plan indoor space. The small holes in the breeze blocks will help regulate the temperature in the room.

Breeze blocks are sturdy, making them perfect for outdoor use too. A concrete breeze block wall in your garden will cast shade in summer to keep you cool, as well as make your garden more private.

For a DIY project with a bit more character, breeze blocks can be used for building a subtle water feature in your outdoor space as well. Or you can upgrade your shed with a simple breeze block shed base!


What types of breeze blocks do you sell? 

 From lightweight concrete blocks to highly dense breeze blocks, we provide a variety of types of cinder blocks to accommodate any project that needs strong and durable load-bearing building materials.  

These products include the lightweight concrete blocks, Masterblock Masterlite blocks, which are rated at the standard strength of 7.3N/mm2 yet only weigh 1450kg/m3. We also offer dense concrete blocks, Masterblock Masterdenz blocks, which are just as strong as the Masterlite blocks but are much better for soundproofing. 

However, we also offer dense concrete blocks, Masterblock Masterdenz blocks, which are just as strong as the Masterlite blocks but are much better for soundproofing.

Both of our breeze blocks are fire resistant and best suited to areas you don’t plan to plaster or render.


How many concrete blocks per m2 are in your packs? 


Our selection of concrete blocks for sale come in different size packs so, while each breeze block is the same size, you will get a different m2 coverage from each pack. 

If you go for the Masterdenz pack, we sell them in packs of 36 breeze blocks, meaning one pack will cover 3.60 m2. While the Masterlite pack comes with 54 breeze blocks per pack, so will cover 5.40 m2 for every one pack purchased.


How many concrete blocks do I need?

How many concrete blocks you will need depends entirely on the DIY project at hand, and you can calculate the required amount yourself, or use our paving calculator.

Regardless of the DIY task you’re working on, we sell our breeze blocks by the m2, so you will need to know the area of your space in m2 before you can purchase the breeze blocks.

To calculate this, you need to measure the length and width and then times the measured length by the width. Once you have this measurement, you can go about calculating how many breeze blocks will be needed for your project.

However, you could save yourself time and let our paving calculator tell you how many breeze blocks you will need. Simply input the area of the space you’re working on and let the calculator do the rest.


How much do concrete blocks cost? 

We have a selection of affordable concrete blocks available at Simply Paving. From dense concrete blocks to more lightweight concrete blocks, we have a breeze block for any project size or budget!

If you are looking to build a robust load bearing wall and want to prioritise sound insulation, then our Masterblock Masterdenz concrete block is the way to go.

For a more cost effective option, then look no further than our Masterblock Masterlite Pro breeze blocks. Don’t worry, these lightweight concrete blocks can hold just as much weight as the denser concrete blocks for sale.

Whatever project you’re looking to carry out, we have affordable and reliable concrete blocks available in our collection.


How to cut breeze blocks?

We know not all spaces give you straight edges and perfect angles, so if you need to cut your breeze blocks to fit your space, then there are ways to do this from home.

You can cut your breeze block to size using a hammer and chisel. All you need to do is measure the accurate size you would like your breeze block to be, make a mark on the block, then chisel at your breeze block until you reach the ideal size.

For more detailed instructions on cutting your breeze blocks to size, you can read our how-to guide on how to cut paving slabs


Buy concrete blocks online from Simply Paving 

When you’re looking for strong building materials and affordable concrete blocks for sale, Simply Paving has a selection of high-quality, budget-friendly breeze blocks for you and your project. 

If you have any questions about breeze blocks or want to find out more about our concrete blocks for sale, you can reach out to our expert team at Simply Paving on 0800 032 6306 or talk via live chat. Our customer service team are happy to help with any query you may have about concrete blocks.


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