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Providing the essential building blocks for the likes of office buildings, shopping centres, and car parks, our commercial landscaping products help to create a functional and attractive outdoor space. From heavy duty paving to drainage channels, Simply Paving has got you covered.

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What is commercial landscaping?

 Commercial landscaping is the process of designing, installing, and maintaining outdoor spaces for commercial properties such as office buildings, shopping centres, and car parks.

 The idea is to create a practical and attractive space that makes it convenient to access each type of property. For example, if you’re building a walkway leading to a supermarket, you not only need the landscaping paving to handle the foot traffic of shoppers, but also plants, trees, and grass turf to make the entrance feel more welcoming.

 In a nutshell, whether for visitors, employees, or customers, commercial landscaping works to improve the overall image of a business, both functionally and aesthetically.


What Commercial Landscaping Products are Available?
There are so many different applications of commercial landscaping products within our existing infrastructure. Read on for some of the most common examples where landscaping paving is essential:
Pedestrian areas
Heavy duty landscaping paving is needed to handle the increased foot traffic on pavements, pedestrian zones, and walkways.
Car parks
Not only do car parks need heavy duty block paving to handle the sheer volume of vehicles, but also different weights, ranging from motorcycles to HGVs.
Lorry yards and offloading areas
Heavy duty block paving is the only choice for loading areas that need to withstand lorries and HGVs, as well as heavy cargo.
To install a road that will stand the test of time, look no further than landscaping paving, able to handle all types of vehicles travelling at speed.
Shopping precincts
Available in a variety of attractive finishes, landscaping paving ensures that shoppers are safe and sound, with no fear of slipping.
Whether for driveways that can handle tractors and farming equipment to non-slip landscaping paving, commercial landscaping is essential for any working farm.
Transport, railways, and airports
The industrial development of transport infrastructure is only possible with proper commercial landscaping, including heavy duty paving and heavy duty block paving.

What’s the difference between commercial landscaping and residential landscaping?

 Where commercial landscaping is focused on businesses and places of work, residential landscaping is more about the outdoor spaces around people’s homes.

 We’re talking paving slabs for patios, block paving for driveways, edging for gardens – the type of landscaping projects that improve the look and feel of your outdoor space. For example, if you were to lay a winding path around your flowerbeds, it would add to your garden’s style while also keeping wandering feet off wet grass.

 What’s more, residential landscaping can add significant value to a home if the homeowner were to put their property on the market.


What commercial landscaping products are available?

Commercial Landscaping Product


Heavy duty paving

Reserved for public areas with lots of foot traffic, heavy duty paving is essential for pedestrian zones or walkways, reliably standing the test of time. This dense and durable landscaping paving is also available with slip-resistant finishes, making them much safer to walk on when wet.

Heavy duty block paving

For commercial driveways and supermarket car parks, you can’t go wrong with heavy duty block paving. This landscaping paving solution has specifically been designed to withstand extremely heavy vehicles, whether that be cars packed with shopping bags or a fully loaded HGV.

Heavy duty kerbs and edging

Heavy duty kerbs and edging products are perfect for separate roads and pavements, as well as walkways and public lawns. They stand up to both foot and vehicle traffic with ease, ensuring structural strength for years to come.

Drainage channels

An essential addition to any commercial landscaping project, drainage channels help to prevent water build-up or flooding during torrential downpours. Instead, surface water is directed to drainage entrances, which also reduces the need for expensive underground systems.


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