Garden & Patio Steps

Elevate your garden, figuratively and literally, with garden steps from Simply Paving. 

Versatile and durable, you can enhance your outdoor space by making use of pavers for steps. Our collection includes contemporary stone patio steps, such as our sophisticated porcelain garden steps, as well as naturally stunning sandstone garden steps for more traditional gardens.

Take a look, below, to browse our extensive collection of paving slabs for steps and discover how Simply Paving can help transform your outdoor space.

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Features of Paving Slabs for Garden Steps


  • Enhance your garden pathways, patio, or driveway with easy-to-access steps
  • Available in contemporary porcelain, classic concrete, or natural sandstone
  • Variety of styles to fit any outdoor space
  • Made of durable and resilient materials made for frequent footfall
  • Easy to install and maintain



Garden step FAQs


Here at Simply Paving, we understand that there’s plenty to consider when introducing pavers as steps in your garden. That’s why we compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions about paving slabs for steps, including how they’re used as steps, how best to use them, and even how they should be styled. 


See, below, for the answers to all your questions about garden steps.


How to style your garden steps


  • Our garden steps are available in an array of different shades to suit any type of garden
  • Concrete garden steps serve as diverse, stylish and durable options for garden steps
  • Our selection features both curved patio steps and edged garden steps


Our collection of outdoor patio steps offers a practical and attractive solution for gardens with contrasting elevations. If you want a patio with steps down to the garden, for example, our garden steps provide that seamless transition from pavers to grass, coordinating effortlessly with your garden's aesthetic.


Paving stone steps bring a timeless style to any outdoor space, even beyond the patio. So, whether you’re building garden steps directly into an earth slope or you’re looking for outdoor concrete steps to lead to and from a driveway, Simply Paving can provide the best steps for you. 


What colour paving slabs for garden steps are available?


From contemporary gardens to traditional homes, our patio stairs cater to all tastes. 

There are many lighter-toned options, including natural sandstone style garden steps and bright beige porcelain steps. These lively options work well for home and gardens that prefer to stick to a more traditional motif alongside gardening stepping stones and circular paving patterns.


Alternatively, if you’re after patio steps for a modern set-up, consider the bolder, darker garden steps in our collection. Our Mode Profiled steps are ideal options for these spaces, available as our dark grey porcelain steps or graphite porcelain steps. These work wonders in smaller gardens with stylish water features and little nooks dedicated to outdoor reading and relaxing.



How to use paving slabs for garden steps


  • Paving stone steps are versatile and offer more style and durability to an outdoor space than wooden steps
  • If built over pre-existing steps, our pavers can create ready-made garden steps that look fantastic


Our paving slabs for steps are ideal as both patio door steps and outside front door steps.


For example, you can use our paver patio steps from the house to the patio, creating a safe exit when you step down onto your paving. Better yet, paving slabs are considerably more durable, both for footfall and against the elements, than other types of outdoor steps like wooden steps.


However, this doesn’t mean they don’t require care or know-how to use properly. Below, we explore how to use garden steps and maximise their lifespan.


How to protect garden steps


Between rainfall, frost, and other harsh weather outside, it’s only natural that you’d want to protect your garden steps - and the best way to do so is to seal them.


First, check that there’s no rain predicted in the 24 hours following your sealing as this could affect the sealing process. Once you’ve got the right time sorted, clean your garden steps. This includes clearing fallen leaves off the surface, as well as ensuring there’s no grass or weeds growing between your steps.


Once your steps are clear, apply the sealer to their surface. If you can, use a low-pressure sprayer, but you can apply the sealer with a brush too. Naturally, this process is slower. Bear in mind, however, that applying sealant into the gaps between the steps is made easier by hand so it’s worth having a brush either way.


When you’ve coated your steps in sealant, be sure to remove any excess solution with a sponge or squeegee. Allow the sealant to dry for at least three hours.



Buy pavers for garden steps online from Simply Paving


Whether you’re looking to step up your garden steps for your patio, your garden, your driveway or your front door, Simply Paving has you covered.


If you have any questions or want to find out more about our range of garden steps, just give us a call on 0800 032 6306 or start a live chat. A member of our friendly team will be happy to help you with any and all paving questions!

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