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Driveway Edging & Kerb Stones

Driveway edging is an essential element in the construction of your driveway. Kerb stones provide the perfect boundary to prevent vehicles from driving where they shouldn’t.

Do I need driveway edging?

Yes, anybody who is redesigning their driveway needs driveway edging. This is because the edging stones stop the internal blocks from moving out of place.

Along with structural integrity, driveway edging stones provide a neat border to driveway block paving projects. And don’t worry if you end up with spare stones – you can use them to create attractive step features for the front of your home, too.

What types of driveway edgings are available?

At Simply Paving, we provide three main types of driveway edging stones: Block Kerbs, British Standard Kerbs and British Standard Edging.

The most popular and the most versatile of the three are Block Kerbs. Available in a range of colours and sizes, Block Kerbs are typically favoured for their more decorative finish. Our Bradstone Woburn Rumbled Kerb, for instance, delivers a traditional time-worn aesthetic to driveways.

British Standard Kerbs give a clean and tidy finish. Sometimes referred to as ‘Road Kerbs’ or ‘Council Kerbs’, these are some of the most durable driveway edging stones you can buy. The Charcon British Standard Kerb, for example, is specifically designed to border busy commercial and domestic areas.

For a smaller version of British Standard Kerb stones, there are British Standard Edging stones. You can find these in round, flat and bull-nosed profiles; this makes them ideal for restraining edges around commercial areas.

Can I buy curved or angled kerbs?

Absolutely. At Simply Paving, you can buy driveway edging stones in internal and external angles and in internal and external radials. This means you don’t need to think about cutting your kerb stones, even if you are paving a curved driveway or one which has corners.

How do I lay driveway edging?

When laying block kerb stones, ideally they should be bedded into 100mm of concrete with a 45-degree 'haunch' that supports the side of the stones.

Just remember to lay your haunch so that it rises halfway up the side of your kerb edging. This will keep your edging stones firmly in place once the concrete base has set.

Whether you are finishing a driveway or browsing for your next project, we can supply all the driveway edging you need. Want to find out more about our driveway edging stones? Just call us on 0800 032 6306 or start a live chat.