Lawn & Garden Edging

Whether for neatening up flower beds, pronouncing garden paths or acting as patio edging between pavers and grass, garden edging offers many uses and options for your outside spaces.

You can get creative when you lay some of our garden edging stones, too. Although many should be laid upright, there are some lawn edging stones that look great both upright and flat. A prime example of this is out Bradstone natural sandstone garden edging, which can serve as either lawn edging when upright or mowing strips when laid flat.

However you lay them, garden edging stones bring form and function to your garden. Not only do they look great, but they also make any surrounding grass easier to maintain with a lawnmower.

Whatever purpose you’re looking to fulfil with your lawn edging stones, you’ll find plenty of options to choose between below with everything available from old riven lawn edging stones to rusting rope garden borders.

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Features of lawn and gardening edging stones


  • Lawn edging is useful for creating a clear divide between a lawn and its borders.
  • It is also useful for pronouncing patios, flower beds, and pathways.
  • Our collection caters equally well to both classic and contemporary styles.
  • Garden border edging can make mowing the lawn much easier, so you don’t need to worry about trimming those awkward edges.



Lawn and garden edging stone FAQs


Here at Simply Paving, we stock an extensive lawn edging collection that can cater to any garden style. From classic concrete for stone border edging to rustic natural stone edging for garden bed edging, you’ll find your perfect fit in our diverse array of edging stones.


Continue reading, below, for the most common questions Simply Paving are asked about lawn edging stones and garden border edging.


How to style lawn and garden edging stones


  • You can get lawn edging stones in a variety of colours and textures.
  • Flower bed border stones are adaptable to any style of garden, which means many lawn edging serves as great flower bed edging.


What types of lawn and garden edging stones are available?


When you’re deciding which material is best to use for garden edging, you’re spoilt for choice. For a fantastic finish, opt for lawn edging made from porcelain or, if you prefer to prioritise versatile adaptability, concrete edging might be your best bet.


Choose from a variety of different designs, each created with contrasting textures, shades, and styles. Opt for the modern subtlety and professional finish of our eco countryside edging or embrace the traditional and adaptable style of old riven edging.


There are also practical considerations to bear in mind when browsing our extensive lawn edging collection. For example, we offer specialised garden edging slabs with stain and slip-resistant features, such as with our Woburn rumbled kerb edging.



What is the best garden edging?


Naturally, the best type of garden border edging falls entirely within personal preference. 


Many gardeners love rope top garden edging styles, such as our rope top edging stones that are available in three stunning shades. And thanks to their affordable prices, they’re the ideal garden rope edging choice for traditional homes seeking cheap flower bed edging.


We’ve also got a wealth of options for more modern round top concrete edging, such as our weathered limestone edging. Another safe bet is to explore concrete garden edging, with options that range from strong and sturdy tile edging to smooth and versatile block kerbs


But let’s not forget about our favourite type of contemporary paving edging: porcelain edging. This garden edging looks fantastic outside any home but is particularly well-suited for modern set-ups and alongside porcelain patios.


What other colour lawn and garden edging stones are available?


Whether you’re looking for neutral shades with natural stone border edging or you’ve got your eyes set on a contemporary element to your garden, Simply Paving has a wide array of colours in our edging stone collection.


Naturally, we cater to timeless gardens with many different black lawn edging options, such as with our graphite inspired profiled coping. We also provide modern edging options to round off any pathways, with sleek grey choices like our Bradstone mode edging


As for more classic options for stone edging for flower beds, our round top edging stones, like our scalloped edging, are available in either grey or red. The country cottage-style doesn’t stop there though, as more traditional homes can also opt for our more warming antique brown sleepers.



How to use lawn and garden edging stones


  • Lawn edging stones aren’t just for gardens and flower beds, they’re great for pathways too.
  • It’s simple to lay bricks for garden edging, only requiring a base of concrete and minimal tools.


How to lay bricks for garden edging


While there are several ways to lay garden edging, we would recommend fixing the stones onto a concrete bed. This gives the edging a strong foundation, preventing them from coming loose over time.


To do this, you’ll first need to create that solid concrete base. Start by excavating the area where you want to lay your garden edging, digging a small trench that runs the length of your lawn, path or patio. Then mix your mortar and apply a thick layer onto the trench. You can now sit your edging stones onto the mortar, before it dries. 


Next, settle the edging stones into the mortar. Do so with a rubber mallet, gently tapping them into the base until they’re evenly laid. When you’re satisfied with how the garden edging is settled, finish the process by raking border soil up to the edging stones. Leave them for a few days until the mortar solidifies. Job done!



Buy Lawn Edging and Garden Edging from Simply Paving


If you have any more questions about lawn edging, including which edging stones would be best for your garden or how to lay your garden edging, then you can reach out to us. As experts on all things lawn edging, we’d be more than happy to help!


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