Concrete Paving Slabs

Durable and practical in equal measure, our concrete paving slabs always offer a reliable and stylish choice for gardens, pathways and driveways.

From natural stone stylings to contemporary shades of grey, our concrete pavers accommodate all tastes. They serve as dependable paving option for any home, providing durability that’s capable of handling footfall and heavy loads alike.

Browse our collection of concrete patio slabs, below, to enhance your garden with an exceptionally reliable style.

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  1. Bradstone Edale Paving in Cream
    Bradstone Edale Paving in Cream
    5 reviews

    From £17.60 per m2

  2. Simply Paving Gironde Paving in Gironde

    Special Offer

    Simply Paving Gironde Paving in Gironde
    no reviews

    From £40.31 per m2 £28.22 per m2

  3. Bradstone Edale Paving in Grey
    Bradstone Edale Paving in Grey
    7 reviews

    From £17.60 per m2

  4. Simply Paving Shibden Paving in Dark Grey
    Simply Paving Shibden Paving in Dark Grey
    no reviews

    From £22.57 per m2

  5. Simply Paving Shibden Paving in Grey
    Simply Paving Shibden Paving in Grey
    no reviews

    From £19.53 per m2

  6. Simply Paving Shibden Paving in Cream
    Simply Paving Shibden Paving in Cream
    1 reviews

    From £19.53 per m2

  7. Bradstone Ashbourne Paving in Cotswold
    Bradstone Ashbourne Paving in Cotswold
    2 reviews

    From £25.80 per m2

  8. Bradstone Mahina Paving in Natural
    Bradstone Mahina Paving in Natural
    1 reviews

    From £36.88 per m2

  9. Bradstone Old Town Paving in Grey-Green
    Bradstone Old Town Paving in Grey-Green
    4 reviews

    From £51.89 per m2

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Features of Concrete Paving


  • Adaptable style, capable of adapting to traditional and modern gardens.
  • Exceptionally durable, made from reconstituted stone.
  • Versatile selection of colours, ranging from bold blacks to softer greys.
  • Wide variety of slab sizes to create pleasing patterns.
  • Budget-friendly and affordable.
  • Often textured for slip-resistant grip.



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Concrete Paving Slabs FAQs


Here at Simply Paving, we understand you want to know everything you can about your paving before laying any slabs. Our wealth of experience working with concrete pavers has made us experts handling concrete, so we’re more than happy to answer any and all concrete questions.


These include questions about how to use them, how to style them and how to maintain them.


What is concrete paving?

  • Versatile and robust, concrete slabs are ideal for pathways and patios.
  • Concrete pavers are adaptable enough to match natural stone, even in terms of style.
  • To see how concrete pavers match up to natural stone, take a look at our guide on natural stone vs concrete paving.


Made from reconstituted stone, mixed with minerals, metals and resin, concrete paving slabs are built for both durability and design.


Thanks to this, you don't need to sacrifice aesthetics for reliability. It’s simple to find concrete slabs that work well with any style. That's because concrete slabs are made with more versatility in mind than conventional concrete. For example, concrete pavers are capable of emulating the appearance of natural stone as well as a kaleidoscope of colour options. 


This is true whether it's garden concrete slabs in a modern garden or classic old town paving in a traditional environment.


How much are concrete paving slabs?


We offer our exceptional concrete pavers to accommodate any budget, ranging from budget-friendly options to more luxurious concrete paving.


Some of our more affordable garden concrete paving slabs include the Bradstone Ashbourne collection, while our most prestigious concrete paver collection is currently the Bradstone StoneMaster collection.


What size concrete slabs do you offer?


At Simply Paving, we offer a variety of concrete paving slab sizes, each fit for almost any purpose. One of our most popular choices are the 600x600 concrete paving slabs, followed closely by our 450x450 concrete paving slabs.


There are plenty more sizes of our concrete slabs for paving in our collection, including:

  • 600x600
  • 600x450
  • 600x300
  • 450x450
  • 450x300
  • 300x300


We also offer patio packs for our concrete slabs, which include a range of different slab sizes to mix up your garden’s look.



How to style concrete pavers


  • Concrete pavers are a durable option that caters seamlessly to both traditional and contemporary styles.
  • Concrete slabs are available in a variety of different colours and textures.
  • To see how you can use concrete with garden edging, read our guide on how to install garden edging.


Can I use concrete for patios?


Yes, you can use concrete slabs for patios. Concrete flag stones are particularly well suited to patios, thanks to their versatility and affordability.


Can I install garden edging with concrete?


Whether you want to match up with concrete edging stones or contrast with porcelain, you can install all types of garden edging with concrete pavers.


Can you paint concrete paving slabs?


Yes, you can paint concrete paving slabs by using outdoor patio paint. This paint is usually made up of acrylic paint and is best finished with a sealing coat for a clean finish.



How to maintain concrete paving slabs


  • Thanks to their durability, concrete paving slabs don’t require much maintenance.
  • Concrete pavers are simple to clean, requiring nothing more than water and a mild non-acidic cleaning solution.
  • As concrete is porous, it is advised that you seal it to avoid discolouring and cracks forming in the future.


How do you clean concrete pavers?


First, ensure you clear the space you need to clean. Next, wet the surface with water and prepare a non-acidic cleaning solution. We recommend a mild solution, such as a 50:50 vinegar and water solution.


Apply that solution evenly to the paving slabs and then leave it for approximately 20 minutes, before scrubbing the pavers gently to remove any stains. Finally, rinse the paving slabs with water and leave them to dry.


How do you seal concrete paving slabs?


In order to maintain the colour of your concrete slabs and ensure they don’t stain, we always recommend adding sealant straight after installation.


To do so, ensure the target surface is clean and dry before applying the sealer with a low-pressure sprayer, covering your entire concrete patio. Allow 24 hours for the sealer to full dry. Job done!



How to use concrete pavers

  • You can use concrete pavers for many purposes other than for patios, like bases for sheds and barbecue areas. Read our guide about how to lay a shed base here.
  • For a comprehensive guide on cutting slabs, read our helpful article about how to cut paving slabs.


How do you cut concrete paving slabs?


The best way to cut concrete pavers is to use a power saw. For those looking to cut concrete paving slabs by hand, you can do so using a hammer and chisel.


However, it’s recommended that you opt for either a slab splitter or a power saw. This is because concrete slabs can be incredibly dense and the hammer and chisel approach requires a lot of time and patience.


Whichever method you opt for, remember to use safety glasses and a dust mask. Cutting slabs of any kind produces dust clouds and residue.


How heavy are concrete paving slabs?


The weight of our concrete paving slabs varies from style to style. Packs of pavers range from 0.53 to 0.95 tonnes, while individual slabs typically weigh somewhere between 0.0059 to 0.055 tonnes each.


It’s worth noting that here at Simply Paving, we ensure that regardless of the weight, we aim to safely deliver our slabs. If required, we use tail lift vehicles, vehicles with cranes, and vehicles with forklifts to do all the heavy lifting.


To find out more about how we safely deliver slabs, take a look our delivery information page.


Can you have a concrete driveway?


Concrete is durable, but for a heavy-duty project like a driveway, we would recommend using block paving. These blocks are better suited to handle with the weight of cars, vans and motorcycles.



Buy concrete paving online from Simply Paving


Whether you’re looking for concrete patio slabs or want to add some extra durability to your pathways, we have plenty of variety with our concrete paving.


If you have any questions or want to find out more about our concrete paving range, just give us a call on 0800 032 6306 or start a live chat. A member of our friendly team will be more than happy to answer your queries and offer professional paving advice!

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