Grey Paving Slabs

Offering a versatile and stunning backdrop for any garden, grey paving slabs are the tried and true classic choice for patios.

From luxurious porcelain pavers to stunning natural stone slabs, you can find an abundance of different shades of grey across our paving collection. Light grey paving slabs can create

Every shade of grey paving can provide a different dimension to your garden, with a cohesive look that will wow your guests.

To find the right hue for you, browse our full collection of grey patio slabs, below.

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Features of grey paving slabs


  • Adaptable style, suiting both traditional and contemporary gardens
  • There are grey options for every type of paving, including porcelain, concrete and natural stone
  • Wide variety of shades that can produce vastly different looks
  • Complements other paving colours to create striking patio combinations
  • Easy to co-ordinate with other garden features and furniture



Grey paving slabs FAQs


Choosing the right hue is about so much more than picking your favourite colour. There are many style and practical considerations to bear in mind when buying grey paving slabs. To help you find the perfect pavers, the Simply Paving team is happy to answer any and all questions you may have about grey patio slabs.

See, below, for answers to our most frequent questions, including how to style and maintain grey pavers.


Which types of paving slabs are available in grey?



How much does grey paving cost?


As grey shades are available across all our different types of paving, you can find grey slabs for the right price, no matter the size of your budget. Our value grey pavers, such as our Bradstone Edale, serve as budget-friendly options, while our natural sandstone circle paving is currently our most luxurious grey option.

To find out more about how to budget for your paving, read our pricing guide on how much it costs to lay a patio.



How to style grey pavers


  • Grey paving slabs can complement both traditional and modern motifs
  • Grey paving is easy to co-ordinate with other colours and garden furniture
  • To find out how to lay grey slabs onto gravel, read our how to lay stepping stones guide


What setting best suits grey paving slabs?


No matter what style you’re striving for, our grey paving fits seamlessly into an array of different designs.

For example, if you want to recreate a country cottage look then opt for the rustic vibes of our grey blend natural sandstone paving. On the other hand, fans of contemporary set ups will feel more at home with our flint silver Serameno porcelain paving.


What other colour paving slabs go well with grey patio slabs?


Due to the diverse range of grey tones available, grey slabs can be co-ordinated with pretty much any other colour in your garden.

Build a stunning barbecue corner with bold black pavers and then use grey paving to help that feature area better stand out. Alternatively, you can mix and match different shades of grey slabs to create impressive paving patterns.


What colour gravel goes with grey paving slabs?


Grey paving looks great when paired with any colour of gravel or decorative aggregate. Match grey with grey for a consistently appealing aesthetic or contrast colours to better draw the eye to your stunning grey stepping stones.


Can you paint grey paving slabs?


Yes, with specialised outdoor patio paint, you can paint your grey pavers. Always ensure you finish your paint job with a top quality sealant to maintain your brand new colour.



How to maintain grey patio slabs


  • Add sealant to your grey slabs to prevent long-term colour fading
  • The best cleaning methods depend on which type of grey paving you have. For more details, read our how to clean a patio guide.


How do I clean grey paving?


Cleaning requirements for grey slabs differ depending on which type of pavers you have bought. For example, concrete slabs are not suitable for pressure washing.

For more information on paving care, take a look at our how to maintain your patio guide.


Does grey paving fade?


Unless you have grey porcelain pavers, there is the risk you will see some long-term colour fading on your patio.


To ensure your pavers look their best for longer, add a quality sealant to the surface of your patio. This will help protect your grey pavers against weathering, as well as everyday spills and stains.



Buy grey paving slabs online from Simply Paving


Whether you need an entirely new grey-inspired backdrop for your garden or just want to complement your already established style, our grey paving collection has got you covered.


If you have any questions or want to find out more about our grey paving slabs range, just give us a call on 0800 032 6306 or start a live chat. A member of our friendly team will be more than happy to answer your queries and offer professional paving advice!

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