Create the feel - Cottage garden

Fancy recalling the charm of yesteryear with a beautiful cottage garden?

You don't have to live in a cottage to create your own cottage garden paradise. You don't even have to live in the country. In fact, you can create a cottage garden just about anywhere, because cottage gardens are all about achieving an informal style and design, where dense planting and traditional materials combine to make the most of what are normally quite small garden spaces.

Courtesy of Bradstone, Simply Paving have everything you need to help you turn your cottage garden dream into a stunning reality.

Here are Bradstone's top tips to help you achieve that classic country garden look.

  • Remember, with cottage gardens, the plan is... there is no plan. The more haphazard the planting the better. Messy is in.
  • Create the frame. Enclose your garden with the archetypal picket fence look – or what about a Bradstone wall draped in clematis?
  • Evoke the spirit of the past. Choose popular traditional plants such as foxgloves and snapdragons, pansies and columbines.
  • Say hello to the edible landscape. Eating what you grow is all the rage and traditionally, cottage gardens were a practical source of food and herbs.
  • Use rockery stone or different edging styles. These are a great way to prevent grass from spilling over into your planting and add real visual interest.
  • Do away with the lawn altogether. Focus instead on creating a jumbled look, a chaotic profusion of plants; add a Bradstone path or stepping stones to wind through the planting.
  • Bradstone Natural Limestone Paving works in both contemporary and traditional settings.
  • Choose plants with a traditional theme, such as box privet.
  • Geraniums come in many colours and are great as bedding plants and equally at home in planters.
  • Decorative aggregates complete the look and give texture and definition at the edges of paved areas.
  • Decorative aggregates encourage the growth of rockery plants.
  • The right complementary edging will always create the ideal finish to all paving slabs.
  • Imperata Cylindrica (Red Barron) is quite spectacular and can be grown in containers.
  • Using accessories that complement the colours of plants will create a more coordinated look to your garden.

If you require any help, give the Simply Paving office a call on 0800 032 6306 or drop us an email and we will try to assist you in all aspects of your landscaping project.