Indoor Porcelain Flooring

Special introductory offer on our new range of internal porcelain paving. Our porcelain tiles are well suited for use in a number of indoor settings.
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What is internal porcelain paving and what is it used for?

Our range of porcelain flooring is specifically designed for internal use, bringing the beauty of porcelain paving inside your home.

And if you already have a porcelain patio, our porcelain paving will create a seamless transition from indoor to outdoor flooring. Just pick the internal porcelain pavers that best match the colour of your patio and really add that wow factor to your home’s aesthetic.

It’s not just the same stunning good looks, either – our internal porcelain paving exhibits all the practical characteristics you know and love about our porcelain paving. We’re talking anti-slip finishes, stain and colour fade resistance and, of course, exceptional durability.

You can find out more about tile anti-slip ratings and the use cases of our internal porcelain paving by reading our porcelain slip rating guide.


What’s the difference between indoor and outdoor porcelain tiles?

With so many similarities, you’d be forgiven for thinking indoor and outdoor porcelain tiles are interchangeable, yet there are some fundamental differences in their design.

For example, internal porcelain paving is thinner than external pavers, measuring at 10mm, compared to 20mm. This thin design is to better accommodate internal doors that might not be able to fit over 20mm tiles.

There’s also a slight difference in how indoor and outdoor porcelain tiles are laid; outdoor porcelain pavers are installed with additional slurry primer, whereas internal porcelain flooring can just be laid with a suitable internal adhesive.


Can you use outdoor porcelain pavers inside?

Technically, you can install outdoor porcelain paving inside your home – however, there are a few reasons why you should still opt for internal porcelain flooring.

For starters, internal porcelain paving is thinner and lighter than outdoor paving slabs, making it easier to handle and install in your home. This also means that internal porcelain flooring is the cheaper option as thinner tiles equal less expensive materials to manufacture.

Additionally, the heavily textured surface of outdoor porcelain slabs may prove to be too abrasive where you want a comfortable step inside your home. Internal porcelain paving, on the other hand, is designed with a smoother finish that’s kinder to your feet.


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