Indian Sandstone Paving

One of the most popular options for rustic outdoor spaces, Indian sandstone paving is the natural choice for those seeking high-quality sandstone garden slabs for garden renovations.;

From upgrading your patio with sandstone patio slabs, to using sandstone garden slabs to build a characterful path in your outdoor space. Our range of sandstone paving slabs are cost effective and can be used in a wide range of home improvement tasks.

Browse the stunning variety of Indian sandstone paving slabs available at Simply Paving, below.

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What is Indian sandstone paving? 

Indian sandstone paving slabs is unique as it comes from India. This sandstone patio slab is popular all around the world for its durability, natural beauty, and wide range of shades and pigments.


The tonal variations, in particular, are the most likely to catch your eye. You can find greys, blacks, reds, and even yellows in our collection of Indian sandstone paving slabs, giving you plenty of choice when it comes to customising your outdoor spaces.


Sandstone paving offers more than just an aesthetic upgrade to your garden. To see what Indian sandstone paving slabs can do for you and your outdoor spaces, look at the table, below:


Features of Sandstone Paving
Easy to install
Extremely durable
Requires minimal maintenance
Hard cut for authenticity
Strong and durable
Available as paving slabs and setts


Indian sandstone paving FAQs

Here at Simply Paving, we have decades of experience working with all types of paving slabs – and we want to share our expertise on Indian sandstone paving with you!


To find the answers to some of our customers’ most frequently asked questions about Indian sandstone paving, continue reading, below.


What Indian sandstone colours are available?

Indian sandstone paving slabs are famous for their stunning natural variations in colour and shades. We’re talking lighter pigments, such as cream and beige, as well as darker variations, like brown and black.


If you’re looking to add colour and a touch of character to your garden, then we’d recommend our Bradstone Smooth Natural Sandstone Paving in Rainbow. Or for even more colour and contrast, take a look at our Bradstone Blended Natural Sandstone Paving in Rustic Buff


Alternatively, for more contemporary sandstone paving slabs that promise a sleek and modern style for your garden, opt for our Bradstone Smooth Natural Sandstone Paving in Dune. 


Explore our full range of Indian sandstone paving slabs, above, to see the other colours we have available.


Indian Sandstone Features

To find out the features of Indian Sandstone – and what that means for your patio – take a look at our helpful table, below:


Indian Sandstone Features
Finish Commonly found in natural, riven, and occasionally honed finishes, emphasizing its rustic appearance.
Slip Rating Generally high slip resistance, especially in riven finish; more texture provides better grip.
Colour Range Known for a diverse palette, including earthy tones like brown, grey, buff, and sometimes vibrant reds and purples.
Best Used For Excellently suited for outdoor landscaping, patios, garden paths, and areas requiring high durability and rustic charm.


How much does Indian sandstone paving cost?

We have a diverse range of Indian sandstone paving slabs available, whether you’re looking for a cost effective Indian sandstone patio slab or you want to invest a higher budget into your garden renovations. Whatever your budget, we’re sure to have the right Indian sandstone paving slabs for you!


Sitting between a mid-range and premium paver, Indian sandstone paving slabs are typically on the upper end of the pricing scale – but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a good bargain! We regularly put Indian stone paving slabs up for sale on our special offers page, helping you install a stunning patio on a tighter budget.


Alternatively, if our Indian sandstone paving collection is outside of your price range, we have an incredible range of cheaper alternatives, including concrete blocks and our value pavers.


What Indian sandstone paving stone sizes are available?

Whether you need to pave awkward angles in your garden or have tight gaps to fill, our Indian sandstone paving slabs collection has the dimensions to suit any outdoor project.

To help make your outdoor project easier, and get your Indian sandstone paving slabs with you faster, we’ve outline some of our most common Indian sandstone paving sizes, below:



Indian Sandstone Paving Sizes
900 x 600
600 x 600
600 x 300
450 x 450
300 x 300
290 x 290


Indian sandstone paving slabs are also available in setts and carpet stones, if you want to make installation slightly more straightforward. 


How do you lay Indian sandstone paving slabs?

While some may opt to enlist professional assistance, we know plenty are prepared to roll up their sleeves and install sandstone patio slabs or sandstone paving slabs all by themselves. After all, you can save yourself some serious money by taking on the job yourself!


Laying your Indian sandstone is straightforward too. Start by measuring the area you’re working with and clearing out any weeds or dead grass. Then, dig out a subbase for your Indian sandstone paving and fill it with premixed mortar. Lay down the Indian sandstone paving slabs, and lightly tap it with a plastic mallet to secure them into place. Project complete!


To read a more in-depth guide to laying Indian sandstone paving, check out our advice centre for a comprehensive guide on how to lay paving slabs.


How do you cut Indian sandstone paving slabs?

While we have a range of sizes available for our Indian sandstone paving slabs, we know sometimes you need to get crafty to achieve the perfect fit.


There are several ways to safely cute Indian sandstone paving slabs to size, but we recommend you use a hammer and chisel to get the job done. This is also perfect for when you need to fill awkward angles or small gaps in your patio – just remember to always use proper safety gear.


Start by drawing an accurate line on the sandstone paving, then use the hammer and chisel to create a small cut in the material. Once a small marker indent has been made, you can lightly tap the Indian sandstone paving slab until the accurate size slab breaks away.


This is only a basic outline of how to cut your Indian sandstone paving slabs. For a more detailed how to guide, read our article on how to cut paving slabs.


How do I clean Indian sandstone paving slabs?

The beauty of Indian sandstone paving slabs is they require minimal maintenance to continue looking their best. All you need to do is regularly sweep any dirt and debris that accumulates over a couple of weeks. Easy!


If you do need to tackle anything tougher, a solution of warm, soapy water and a brush should do the trick. Just ensure you don’t use an acid-based soap as it can damage Indian sandstone; standard dish washer liquid is all you need.


When sweeping your Indian sandstone paving slabs, make sure to use a stiff bristled brush to make sure the sandstones are properly cleaned and any collected dirt in the edges is swept up also.


For more information on how to look after your sandstone paving slabs, take a look at our how to clean a patio guide.


Buy Indian sandstone paving slabs online from Simply Paving

Here at Simply Paving, we pride ourselves on our selection of Indian stone pavers. To help you find the perfect pavers for your patio, we have a friendly team of experts on-hand to guide you to the right products.


If you have any questions about the colours we stock in Indian Sandstone paving or you’re wondering whether porcelain paving slabs are better for your DIY project, just give us a call on 0800 032 6306 or start a live chat with us online today.

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